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Are you looking for Facility/Property Management & Maintenance?

Your facilities need maintenance that goes beyond the day-to-day.
Midwest Services Group provides the most efficient service in the industry. We keep your facilities in top condition by offering you better service, reduced costs and organizational efficiencies across your entire facility portfolio.



                                                 The Key to Cost Effective Building Maintenance

 The regular expenditure of a small amount of maintenance funds is much better for a building, and more cost effective than large injections of capital every ten years or so.

Unfortunately, many tend to overlook maintenance on new or refurbished buildings in the belief that everything is brand new – maintenance from day one is not needed!.

Right? Wrong! Unfortunately that's usually a recipe for long term expenditure that could have been minimised with a good maintenance program. Wear and tear starts from day one and regular inspections - however brief, ensure that the building stays in tip top condition.

We don't need to preach to property managers, it's enough to know that we recognize the difficulties they encounter with regular monotony and the kinds of maintenance that are going to be required to make their work load a little lighter and a whole lot more worry free.

Preventative Maintenance - Building Better Value

We believe in a proactive approach to maintenance and facilities management services

Together with a group of skilled and reliable associates, our capability extends from mechanical, electrical and fabric maintenance to support for full facilities management contracts. We believe that proactive preventative maintenance helps reduce costs and risks, improves service standards and protects the value of property assets for the long term.

We recognise your expertise is running your core business, managing clients' leasing, trust accounting, day to day tenant liaison and the myriad of other tasks required to undertake professional and relatively trouble property management. Not always the easiest of tasks!

Our speciality is facility management, maintaining 'back-of-house' operations including repairs, maintenance and regulatory compliance programs that are unique to the management of investment properties whether commercial, retail or residential.

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